निम्बः किं मधुरायते

गुलपर्वतमध्यस्थं निम्बबीजं प्रतिष्टितम्।
पयोवर्षसहस्रेण निम्बः किं मधुरायते॥
gulaparvatamadhyasthaṁ nimbabījaṁ pratiṣṭitam|
payovarṣasahasreṇa nimbaḥ kiṁ madhurāyate||
In a hill of sugar, [if] a neem seed [is] planted;
Watered with milk for a thousand years; will it begin to taste sweet?
[The nature does never change!]


5 thoughts on “निम्बः किं मधुरायते

  1. good one. but there seems to be a mistake in second last word in sanskrit subhashit. in english it is correct. pl arrange to correct the sanskrit word. thanks. 2. whether the subhashits are audible.?

  2. namaste karthika mahodaya,
    The starting word should be guda (means sugar or jaggery), but i am not aware of the word gula in this sloka.
    Hope some one may confirm that.
    I just love your site and contribution. God bless you with thousand years !!!

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