विधिलिखितं बुद्धिरनुसरति

अलिरनुसरति परिमलं लक्ष्मीरनुसरति नयननिपुणम्।
निम्नमनुसरति सलिलं विधिलिखितं बुद्धिरनुसरति॥
aliranusarati parimalaṁ lakṣmīranusarati nayananipuṇam|
nimnamanusarati salilaṁ vidhilikhitaṁ buddhiranusarati||
The bee moves towards a fragrance; Goddess Lakṣmī favours one with sharp eyes;
Low-level regions are sought by water (to fill); what is ordained by destiny, the mind follows!


3 thoughts on “विधिलिखितं बुद्धिरनुसरति

  1. its very good!!!denies the fact what is in the real life that would take people to the thought and urge to always follow right path!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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