सद्‌भिस्तु लीलया प्रोक्तं शिलालिखितमक्षरम्‌।
असद्‌भिः शपथेनोक्तं जले लिखितम् अक्षरम्‌॥
sadbhistu līlayā proktaṁ śilālikhitamakṣaram |
asadbhiḥ śapathenoktaṁ jale likhitam akṣaram ||
Even the casual words of good people are like words set in stone,
[while] even the vows of the bad people are like words written on water!

5 thoughts on “शिलालिखितमक्षरम्‌

  1. There is a similar subhashita,

    दन्तिदन्तसमानं हि निसृतं महतां वचः ।
    कूर्मग्रीवेव नीचानां पुनरायाति याति च ॥

    The words of the great men are like the tusks of an elephant, where as the words of the evil person are like the head of a tortoise that protrudes and is withdrawn again and again.

    I enjoy visiting your blog. Thanks

  2. Here is a gem for your collection:

    Dhatte bharam kusuma patra phalaavaleenaam

    Gharmavyatthaam sheetabhavaam rujaam cha

    Yo deham arpayati chaaanya sukhasya hetoh

    Tasmai vadaanya gurave Tarave Namaste!

    The author is Shree Jagannaaatha Pandita.

    All the best!

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