जीवनग्रहणे नम्राः

जीवनग्रहणे नम्राः गृहीत्वा पुनरुन्नदाः।
किं कनिष्ठाः किमु ज्येष्ठाः कटीयन्त्रस्य दुर्जनाः॥
jīvanagrahaṇe namrāḥ gṛhītvā punarunnadāḥ|
kiṁ kaniṣṭhāḥ kimu jyeṣṭhāḥ kaṭīyantrasya durjanāḥ||
Who is elder and who is younger between the water dispenser (the barrel that goes down to fetch water from below and pours it out on being raised) and the wicked?
The wicked too, bow down to get their wishes fulfilled. They hold their heads aloft in pride once they rise in position.
[Thanks to Mohan Ramiah]

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