द्वावम्भसि निष्टेव्यौ

द्वावम्भसि निष्टेव्यौ गले बद्ध्‌वा दृढां शिलाम्।
धनवन्तम् अदातारम् दरिद्रं चातपस्विनम्॥
dvāvambhasi niṣṭevyau gale baddhvā dṛḍhāṁ śilām|
dhanavantam adātāram daridraṁ cātapasvinam||
Two kinds of people should be drowned in water, bound by a heavy stone to the neck!
One who is rich but does not give (charity), and one who is poor and does not work hard!

Courtesy: Ujjwol Lamichhane’s wonderful Subhashita Sangraha


One thought on “द्वावम्भसि निष्टेव्यौ

  1. Aalaasyan hi manushyaanaam, sarirasto mahaan ripu/nastudhyam samo bandhu/
    kurvaanau naavaseedathi.
    Laziness is the greatest enemy of of a human being. There is nothing equivalent to perseverence; the persevering is never ruined.

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