वस्त्रदानफलं राज्यं पादुकाभ्यां च वाहनम्।
ताम्बुलाभोगमाप्नोति अन्नदानात्फलत्रयम्॥
vastradānaphalaṁ rājyaṁ pādukābhyāṁ ca vāhanam|
tāmbulābhogamāpnoti annadānātphalatrayam||
By donating clothes, one attains kingdom; by donating footwear, one attains a vehicle;
By giving tambūlam one attains enjoyment of pleasures; by donating food, one attains all the [above] three fruits.
(Always, donation/charity, implies to a deserving and needy person).
And of course, vidyādānam is even superior!

One thought on “अन्नदानात्फलत्रयम्

  1. We were taught this about Vidhyadanam in school. Unfortunately don’t remember the author or the complete work that this is part of.

    Anna dhanam param dhanam
    Vidhya dhaanam atah param
    Annena tshanika triptihi
    yavajeevam ca vidhyaya

    Thanks for teaching me another one :).

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