गुरुगतां विद्यां शुश्रूषुरधिगच्छति

यथा खनन् खनित्रेण नरो वार्यधिगच्छति।
तथा गुरुगतां विद्यां शुश्रूषुरधिगच्छति॥२-२१८॥
–मनुसंहितायां द्वितीयोऽध्यायः
yathā khanan khanitreṇa naro vāryadhigacchati|
tathā gurugatāṁ vidyāṁ śuśrūṣuradhigacchati||2-218||
–manusaṁhitāyāṁ dvitīyo’dhyāyaḥ
As a man digs [the ground] with a spade to obtain water,
so is the knowledge deep inside a guru obtained, by one who serves Him/one who is eager to learn (śuśrūṣu:)
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3 thoughts on “गुरुगतां विद्यां शुश्रूषुरधिगच्छति

  1. Sir,

    Second half of the sloka is “तथा गुरुगतां विद्यां शुश्रूषुरधिगच्छति”. शुश्रूषुः is one who serves or one who is desirous of listening (श्रोतुं इच्छुः शुश्रूषुः). I confirmed this by checking with my copy of Manusmriti. The word शुश्रूषा is feminine. So, its तृतीया is शुश्रूषया and not शुश्रूशेण. Pl make corrections after verification.

    1. Many thanks for the correction. Had wrongly committed this to memory :(. Thanks also for highlighting the meaning. I have now made the corrections!


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