सर्वं वस्तु भयान्वितम्

भोगे रोगभयं कुले च्युतिभयं वित्ते नृपालाद्भयम्
माने दैन्यभयं बले रिपुभयं रूपे जराया भयम्।
शास्त्रे वादिभयं गुणे खलभयं काये कृतान्ताद्भयं
सर्वं वस्तु भयान्वितं भुवि नृणां वैराग्यमेवाभयम्॥३१॥
—भर्तृहरेः वैराग्यशतकम्
In enjoyment is the fear of disease, in a high lineage, the fear of a fall, in wealth, the fear of the king (income tax?),
In honour is the fear of humiliation, in strength, the fear of [stronger] enemies, in beauty the fear of old age,
In knowledge, the fear of [more learned] opponents, in virtue the fear of back-biters, even in body is the fear of death.
Everything on this earth is fraught with fear. He alone is fearless who has given up everything.
Just heard a similar version from Vishakha Hari’s lovely rendition of Prahlada charitram, quoting Prahlada:
विष्णो ते चरणाम्बुजम् अभयम्॥
O Vishnu! Thy lotus feet are my solace [making me fearless.]
She followed it with a lovely rendition of nannu viDachi (“Do not abandone me!” – Tyagaraja [as Prahlada] appealing to Rama) from  प्रह्लाद भक्तिविजयम् (Prahlada Bhakti Vijayam), and a discussion of Saptama Skandham from Srimad Bhagavatam.

One thought on “सर्वं वस्तु भयान्वितम्

  1. I am looking for a girl for my son,whose horoscope has no dosas can u please suggest a mantra to recite to get the obstacles removed for any early marriage

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