सत्यव्रतं सत्यपरं त्रिसत्यम्

सत्यव्रतं सत्यपरं त्रिसत्यं सत्यस्य योनिं निहितं च सत्ये।
सत्यस्य सत्यम् ऋतसत्यनेत्रं सत्यात्मकं त्वां शरणं प्रपन्नाः॥१०-२-२६॥
—श्रीमद्भागवते दशमस्कन्धे द्वितीयोऽध्यायः

This prayer was made by the Devas to Lord Maha Vishnu, as He was going to embark upon Shri Krishnavataram:
One Who always observes the vow of Truth (He never deviates from satyam, and protects the Truth); One Who is The Absolute Truth, One Who is the three Truths of Creation, Maintenance and Dissolution; One who is the cause of all Truths; entering the material world.
One who is the Truth among all Truths, One who has for His Eyes Satyam and Rtam, the Embodiment of all Truths, We surrender unto your protection.

In a lighter vein, it is said (in a discourse of Shri Hariji) that the Devas were still in the [previous] Ramavataram mode, hence so many appellations of Satyam, which was a fundamental aspect of Lord Rama!

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