सर्वं विष्णुमयम्

यावच्छीलगुणाभिधाकृतिवयो यावद्विहारादिकम्
सर्वं विष्णुमयं गिरोऽङ्गवदजः सर्वस्वरूपो बभौ॥१०-१३-१९॥
—श्रीमद्भागवते दशमस्कन्धे त्रयोदशोऽध्यायः
yāvacchīlaguṇābhidhākṛtivayo yāvadvihārādikam
sarvaṁ viṣṇumayaṁ giro’ṅgavadajaḥ sarvasvarūpo babhau||10-13-19||
—śrīmadbhāgavate daśamaskandhe trayodaśo’dhyāyaḥ
This is a beautiful description of Krishna’s Brahma Mohana leela, describing how Krishna assumed the forms of the various cowherds, calves, flutes, sticks, lunch boxes, etc. pervading everything (sarvaṁ viṣṇumayaṁ)
Exactly like the cowherd boys, the tender bodies of the calves, exactly to the hands, legs and limbs, [not only the bodies, but] exactly like their bugles, flutes, lunch boxes, sticks etc., exactly like their ornaments and clothes, exactly with their character, features, attributes and body features; exactly their tastes/amusements; everything [in every detail], embodiments of Lord Vishnu, with voices exactly ike theirs, Lord Krishna (ajaḥ) created everything in detail as Himself, [without any change].

See also: http://vedabase.net/sb/10/13/19/en

Find a beautiful rendition of this shloka by Smt. Vishakha Hariji here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QibPGimfgPw

4 thoughts on “सर्वं विष्णुमयम्

  1. I have found this in a search for samskrit blogs.
    This is so nice and I congratulate you for making it so interesting.
    My humble suggestion is to make the letters in the blog little bigger.
    So that; it will be very convenient for the people like us to read without any trouble.

    May the work be continued…

    1. Thanks; apologies that the font is small — I will have to manually increase the font in all posts, since free wordpress doesn’t permit CSS editing — you could try increasing the zoom on the page (and most browsers will remember that in the future). Thanks!

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