सदारः सहितोऽग्निभिः

रथमानय मे शीघ्रं गच्छाम्यद्यैव मा चिरम्।
वसिष्ठस्त्वग्रतो यातु सदारः सहितोऽग्निभिः॥१-६-३७॥
rathamānaya me śīghraṃ gacchāmyadyaiva mā ciram।
vasiṣṭhastvagrato yātu sadāraḥ sahito’gnibhiḥ॥1-6-37॥
—श्रीमदध्यात्मरामायणे उमामहेश्वरसंवादे बालकाण्डे षष्ठः सर्गः
—śrīmadadhyātmarāmāyaṇe umāmaheśvarasaṃvāde bālakāṇḍe ṣaṣṭhaḥ sargaḥ

“Get my chariot at once Do not delay. I shall start today itself.” Vasiṣṭha, the royal preceptor, must be at the head of the procession along with the mothers or Rama and his wife and all the fires.

This shloka emphasises the pre-eminent position of the preceptor, as well as the sacrificial fires of the Grihasthāshrama. No travel was even made without these fires! It was common practice, till a few decades ago, to carefully preserve the fires from vivāha till the end! See also http://www.kamakoti.org/hindudharma/part19/chap6.htm, where MahaPeriyava emphasises the importance of various yajnas and the different sacrificial fires.

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