वन्दे बाणारिम् असमबाणारिम्

मारमणम् उमारमणं फणधरतल्पं फणाधराकल्पम्।
मुरमथनं पुरमथनं वन्दे बाणारिम् असमबाणारिम्॥

māramaṇam umāramaṇaṃ phaṇadharatalpaṃ phaṇādharākalpam।
muramathanaṃ puramathanaṃ vande bāṇārim asamabāṇārim॥

This verse was sung by one of the greatest saints, Shri Appayya Dikshita, who was an incarnation of Lord Shiva Himself. He sang this on His visit to Chidambaram with his relatives, when He had darshan of both Lord Nataraja and Lord Govindaraja.


I bow to the consort of  (Lakshmi), the consort of Umā; the one with a snake-bed and the one with snake ornaments; the one who defeated Mura and the one who defeated Pura (Tripura), the enemy of Bāṇāsura (Lord Krishna) and the enemy of the one with odd number of arrows (Manmatha, who has five arrows).

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