नष्टा वेला या गता सा गतैव

नष्टं द्रव्यं लभ्यते कष्टसाध्यम्
नष्टा विद्या लभ्यतेऽभ्यासयुक्ता|
नष्टारोग्यं सूपचारैः सुसाध्यम्
नष्टा वेला या गता सा गतैव॥
naṣṭaṃ dravyaṃ labhyate kaṣṭasādhyam
naṣṭā vidyā labhyate’bhyāsayuktā|
naṣṭārogyaṃ sūpacāraiḥ susādhyam
naṣṭā velā yā gatā sā gataiva..

Wealth (objects) lost can be recovered through hard work/efforts.
Knowledge lost (forgotten) can be regained through proper practice/study.
Lost health can be re-attained through medicines/treatment.
[However,] time that has gone past, is gone (lost!) forever!


One thought on “नष्टा वेला या गता सा गतैव

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