अदाता पुरुषस्त्यागी

अदाता पुरुषस्त्यागी धनं सञ्चिन्त्य गच्छति।
दातारं कृपणं मन्ये मृतोऽप्यर्थं न मुञ्चति॥
adātā puruṣastyāgī dhanaṁ sañcintya gacchati|
dātāraṁ kṛpaṇaṁ manye mṛto’pyarthaṁ na muñcati||
The person who does not donate [his wealth]; dies thinking of his wealth, [leaving it behind for others].
[On the other hand], the person who makes great donations; even after his death carries the fruit with him, and is the real ‘miser’

{This is a satirical verse :)}


घटं भिन्द्यात् पटं चिन्द्यात्

घटं भिन्द्यात् पटं चिन्द्यात् कुर्याद्रासभारोहणम्।
येन केन प्रकारेण प्रसिद्धः पुरुषो भवेत्॥
ghaṭaṁ bhindyāt paṭaṁ cindyāt kuryādrāsabhārohaṇam|
yena kena prakāreṇa prasiddhaḥ puruṣo bhavet||
By breaking pots, by tearing clothes, by riding on a donkey.
By some way or the other (hook or crook), one should become a popular person!

This is a satire and is certainly true in today’s society (esp. of politicians :D).