परोऽपि हितवान् बन्धुः

परोऽपि हितवान् बन्धुः बन्धुरपि अहितः परः।
अहितो देहजो व्याधिः हितम् आरण्यमौषधम्॥
paro’pi hitavān bandhuḥ bandhurapi ahitaḥ paraḥ|
ahito dehajo vyādhiḥ hitam āraṇyamauṣadham||
A person who is not related to us (stranger) but who helps us in difficulty is [indeed] our relative. Similarly, a relative who does us ill should be considered a stranger. This is just like our own body’s disease, which is an stranger (enemy) to us, while a medicinal plant that grows in a forest (elsewhere) does good to us!