मतिर्नकृष्णे परतः स्वतो वा

मतिर्नकृष्णे परतः स्वतो वा
मिथोऽभिपद्येत गृहव्रताननम्।
अदान्तगोभिर्विशतां तमिस्रं
पुनः पुनश्चर्वितचर्वणानाम्॥७-५-३०॥
—श्रीमद्भागवते सप्तमस्कन्धे पञ्चमोऽध्यायः
matirnakṛṣṇe parataḥ svato vā
mitho’bhipadyeta gṛhavratānanam|
adāntagobhirviśatāṁ tamisraṁ
punaḥ punaścarvitacarvaṇānām||7-5-30||
—śrīmadbhāgavate saptamaskandhe pañcamo’dhyāyaḥ
Thoughts of Krishna [do not arise in their minds] either from others’ [goading] or from their own [understanding]
Or from a combination of both, for those rooted to materialistic life.
Uncontrolled by the their senses, they enter hell again and again, repeatedly chewing the already chewed [materialistic pleasures].

The critical point here is perhaps Krishna! Why does Prahlada mention Krishna, in Kritayugam, when Krishnavatara happens only in (the very end of) Dwaparayugam?! This clearly illustrates the repetitive enactment of all avataras, in every Kalpa! Indeed, Ramavatara/Krishnavatara have occurred infinite times in the past and will occur infinitely many times in the future!